The Château Bizard Wine Production


To grow well, vines must be pruned (let's not forget that vines were originally lianas developing in trees).

The structure of the Château Bizard's vineyard is defined by the following characteristics:

    • Density is 4000 vines/ha.

    • All rows are oriented North-South.

    • Row spacing is 2.50m.

    • All our vines are trained and pruned along wooden stakes.

    • Shape pruning is in double Cordon de Royat.

    • Surface of vineyards is over 20 ha.

    • Surface of productive land from estate is over 55 ha.


Château Bizard produces over 100,000 bottles of white, red, rosé, and fortified wines.

Winegrowing Methods

With each annual cycle, vines are given special attention such as disbudding, shoot positioning, leaf stripping, and green thinning.

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