Production Hygiene


In the past, our ancestors used to let nature take its course for better or for worse – in poor hygienic conditions at times. Today, in the wine industry, professionals seek to apply well-established hygiene throughout the winemaking process, from harvesting to bottling.

Depending on the winery, however, the rigorous application of cleaning and disinfection procedures varies greatly.

Yet, at Château Bizard, this constant concern gets addressed by its leader. Packed with experience and knowledge, he has set unusual requirements for a winery.

His conviction is that applying various levels of hygiene to wine production may lead to analytical and sensory differences.

Strict level of cleanliness leads to:

  • Flawless hygiene of the equipment and premises.
  • Good management of the fermentation process. Higher-quality wine, both at the analytical and sensory levels (colour, smell, aroma, taste).
  • Better conservation of wine and its good development over time.
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